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My name is Sarah Pierce. I am fun, enthusiastic, and love to make people smile. Most importantly have found a new passion to help people with their health and fitness journey. The light of my day is making people happy and hearing, “it was because of you I changed my life!”

I live in a small town in Iowa around where I grew up. Town of about 400 people. Love this lifestyle. I live a country mile from my best friend which is a double bonus. I have a wonderful boyfriend who is my everything. He has been my support and motivation on the good and bad days. I’m lucky to have him! He can cook too which is an amazing bonus to this new lifestyle.

I am a furmama to my two dogs, Lucy Lou and Rocko. They are frenchies and the light of my life.

Sharing my story of my WHY and HOW I am where I am today. There was something telling me a in April 2014, when a dear friend of mine messaged me asking me to join her challenge group. What is a challenge group? Now she had me interested. This wasn’t the only message I got from her. I have been seeing her success story on her fitness page and was very proud of her. That day stands out for me because I was in a mood where I was feeling bad about myself. I was always tired and run down with working nights and had no energy for anything. I needed to not only lose weight but feel better about myself.

I have been struggling with migraines and no medication seem to help. I would mostly take pills and try to sleep it off. At times I would work all of my shifts with them. I was miserable and something had to be done.

My typical day would start out by sleeping in, no alarm. If I worked that night I would sleep in till 10-1030 and eat cereal within the hour of getting up. I would of course have a diet mountain dew chaser. As the afternoon went on, I would lounge around till it was nap time. I would have a snack before I would lay down for a nap. Get up around 5, shower and get ready to leave to work. Never did it cross my mind to have food prepared for work. I was on a smart one kick for awhile but lets be honest, those don’t fill you up and they are not very good at all. By the time I would get to work I was another diet dew in and I was on a big energy drink kick. I would have one at the beginning of shift, bring 2-3 diet dews with me and yes another energy drink if I got desperate usually happens around 5 am. Saying this makes me sad that I let it get this bad. Of course I wasn’t prepared with food so I would go to the lovely cafeteria and get any fried food or breakfast food I could get my hands on. I never felt good after I ate this at 3 am but man it sounded good! On my days off, I was usually tired so I would sleep in about the same and eat about the same except I would plan a dinner for my boyfriends and I. He has changed my ways of eating since we have been dating. We love a good spinach salad before our meal and would usually have meat with a veggie. The portions on the other hand were stemmed back from my cooking days and for some reason I have it in my head that I have to cook for an army. Not a big leftover person so not sure why I was like this.

So if you are still reading this you are probably thinking where is she going with this rambling. I have changed my life for the better with 21 day fix program, clean eating and becoming a fitness coach. Once I realized what this has done for me, I knew I had to share this with people I love! I want to change people’s lives like my friend Brittney Johnson Sobolik has changed mine. I now wake up with more energy then I have ever had. Workout twice a day and manage to train for half marathons once again with my amazing coach. I look forward to getting up in the morning, yes I get up early sometimes!! I have a passion for running, working out and helping others. I still get to enjoy what we call “happy meals” here and there but I don’t go overboard. I really miss my sweets but I have learned different ways to take care of my sweet tooth. My chocolate shake with PB2 and ice in a frosty mug does the trick or snickerdoodle recipe is yummy.

What can I do to help challenge you??? Are you like me and said I will start tomorrow but when tomorrow came, you are going to start Monday??? I was a classic at excuses. I don’t have time……well now with my meal and workout plan I make the time. I have my plan and don’t let my excuses win.

I love my new life and want to help you better yours. Enjoy my website and tag it to check daily updates. I love to find new recipes and workout moves.

Check out my options. If your ready to be in a challenge group fill out the application and lets get you started. Do you have a passion to help others? Join my team of coaches! You could be your own boss, start by making extra money for that car payment to working from home and being there for you kids. I don’t know about you but I love independence.

What are you waiting for? Lets get you started.