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Do you love  health and fitness and have a passion for helping people??

Are you trying to get into the best shape of your life and want accountability and motivation to get there?
Do you want to be a part of the TOP TEAM in BEACHBODY?!
If you answered YES to any of these questions, then I have a way of taking you in the direction you need to succeed! I am a health and fitness coach with Team Beachbody and currently am a star diamond qualifying coach days away from being a 1 star. I have been in this career now for 6 months  and I have learned the tools you need to grow a business, grow as a person, and be successful! I am a part of Royal Republic, which is the #8 team in the Beach Body Company out of over 340,000 teams. I am currently looking to expand my team. Do you know what this means? It means I have the training and tools to provide to my team to grow themselves and be leaders, so they can one day, be at the top! Why be on my team instead of one of the elite Superstar coaches. Because I have more time to dedicate to you with a small closer team. Its kind of like being in a small business compared to an huge corporate business. I love to get to know my coaches. You work for yourself so you have no one to answer to but you. I give you the guide that works for your success and you do what you are passionate for….help others reach their goals!
Why is Beach Body Coaching different from any other job?

Since I started working with Beachbody, I have learned that this company stands by you 100% through it all! They are so supportive of who you are and what you do as a coach!  The products are amazing and I have been using them even before I started working as a coach.  The workouts and SHAKEOLOGY are by far the best products for me and I would not be where I am today health, physically, and financially, if it was not for Beach Body.

Benefits of being a Beach Body Coach:

1. Opportunity to help people– I am a nurse and I always loved to help people.  This is so different than my nursing career.  I am use to working in the Cardiac Surgical ICU for babies to adults. They have open heart surgery, heart/lung transplant and are on life saving equipment for sometimes months. This is an intense part of my life and with that comes a lot of stress.
Being a coach, I work with these people for long term and help them in so many more ways: exercise, nutrition, confidence, and we create a special bond.  Before my own eyes, they are changing their lifestyles and transforming into people they never thought they could be.  But because of my guidance, they reach their goals.  This is the most rewarding job I have ever had, and so thankful for having this opportunity.
2.Be your own boss– No more getting in trouble by your boss for being late, being on your phone, or not doing what you are supposed to be doing because YOU are YOUR boss! You finally have the freedom to do as you please and no answer to anybody but yourself!  Work as hard as you want or be lazy but consistency will always win in the end.
3. Make your own hours– Yes that’s right, you no longer have to work 8, 10, or 12 hour shifts to make a living.  Part of being your own boss is making your own hours.  For instance, these are how my hours went when I first started and was still growing my business. I would work when I can. I would fit in 1-2 hours on my work days and 3-4 hours on my days off.
If you want a day off, guess what?! You can take the day off with nobody questioning you! You make your hours based on how fast you want to move in the business. Sounds pretty awesome right?!
4. Work from home- I have a dream to work from home someday. Especially when I have kids, lets just say who doesn’t want to be home with them everyday and experience them first hand.  That extra money to pay for babysitters and daycare, SAVED!  This also means you can wake up later, go to bed earlier, and not buy extra clothes to work in, because as we speak, I am in my yoga pants!
5. Financial Freedom- Are you looking to pay off your debt, your cars, even your home?? Are you even looking to have extra money for Christmas for the family?  Let me tell you, you can make 200$/week, you can make 500$/week, or you can make 2000$/week, this all depends on what you want! I am planning to officially go part time by January at my nursing job, and make more now as a health and fitness coach with Beach Body, than what I do as a Registered Nurse!  Thanks to Beach Body, my Christmas is taken care of in just 2 weeks of working as a fitness coach and I mean I can buy them what I want without checking my back account to make sure there is money is there.  What an amazing feeling this is and a relief! I am able to pay off my debt and on the road to financial freedom! When I look at my checking accounts from week to week, I can’t believe how much money I have left over. I then take that extra and pay towards some debt! Can’t wait to snowball that money right to the next bill. I bought my new MacbookPro all in cash!! You heard that right…Beachbody has given me this opportunity and I am thankful everyday.
6. Opportunity to Travel- When you work as a coach for Beach Body, like I said earlier, they love to support you and praise you for your hard work! So what kind of traveling? Here is a great example! I am taking my boyfriend and I on a cruise aboard S.S. Beachbody to Jamaica and Haiti in March. This trip is called the Success Club trip and it is officially paid for! How?? Because as I earn success club points (you earn points for orders made through your website), they actually GIVE you FREE $$ to help pay for your trip! I have earned enough that it is paid for, thanks to BEACH BODY! Last July, I went to SUMMIT in Nashville, TN for a training and that ticket was paid for because Beach Body rewarded those who worked hard to help others.  Earn this all paid ticket by hitting your goals in the first 3 months of your buisness. These tickets are SOLD OUT and did in only 2 days so this is the only way you can get your ticket to the biggest event of the year. All of these trips provide us with awesome training to become better leaders and be more successful! You also have the opportunity to meet all the celebrity trainers, such as Chalene Johnson, Tony Horton, and Shaun T! I don’t know what I will even say when I meet Shaun T and Autumn Calbrese!!
7. Accountability to be Healthy- I love to eat healthy and exercise, but sometimes it gets tough and you want to give up… I have found that being a Beach Body Coach, I now can easily stick with my clean eating and exercise regimen because I know I am acting as a role model for people and I have to practice what I preach!  What better way to hold yourself accountable than to coach and help others along your own journey!  What an awesome job to do what you’re already doing, but make a difference and an extra income while doing it!? The great thing about this opportunity is you do not have to already be at your goal weight!  You can be just starting your journey… nothing better than being surrounded by motivators to help you on your way!
8. Grow as a person- So I am not the type to take time and read books, because I just feel like I do not have the time.  I have found that I now read more than I ever have even during college because I am now reading books that make a difference not only in my career, but in my life in general! Personal development is huge for me and my coaches because we learn how to stay consistent, motivated, and also how to grow as a leader!  Since I started coaching (I was still on my journey to my own transformation), I did a lot of research on clean eating, and different recipes for cooking.
9. Meet new people- Why not meet people who are just as excited about health and fitness as you are. I have always admired my Coach Brittney’s journey and now I’m living my own and inspiring others. I am such a people person and let me tell you how amazing it feels to build long lasting friendships with people that have so much in common with you! You love to do the same things… help people with learning how to live healthy lifestyles, live a healthy lifestyle on your own by eating clean and exercise of course!!
 10.DISCOUNT– Ok nothing like getting your products that you use to stay healthy and getting them for discounted price! Yes, my Shakeology (healthy meal replacement, full of dense nutrition), and all my workouts (21 day fix, FOCUS T25, insanity, P90X3, Piyo and ULTIMATE RESET) are also given to me at a discounted price! You get 25% discount on ALL Beach Body products! YES PLEASE!!
I know many people are waiting for that “right” time to get started, but let me tell you something… there is NO such thing as the “right time”.. if you want something, you have to just DO IT! Just like NIKE says!! No one is going to push you and do it for you.. you will not go anywhere by thinking about it and dreaming about it.. Its time to go out there and grow, get healthy, stay healthy, and be successful!! It is all about LIVING THE DREAM!
APPLY ABOVE BY FILLING OUT MY FORM APPLICATION!  I would love to have you on my team and why not live the life you deserve!