Challenge group


I am not saying these groups will change you over night, because you didn’t become unhappy over night…. but here’s what I can tell you that you WILL receive in my groups:

  • Daily support and accountability 
  • Daily Motivation to continue your journey
  • Daily check ins 
  • You pick any home fitness program of your choice from Beachbody and follow the program as given to you
  • You follow the nutrition plan from the fitness program
  • Drink Shakeology once daily to help with your nutrition (YES, its 80% of your results)
  • Get health and fitness tips
  • Get clean eating tips
  • Learn new healthy recipes
  • Get assistance with your meal planning
  • Learn to gain a positive mindset about life in general
  • Gain confidence
  • Fit into clothes you haven’t worn in years
  • Make a healthy lifestyle for your ENTIRE family
  • Inspire others around you to be healthy
  • Lose weight
  • Build muscle
  • Lean out and tone up


I do not think I have found a negative thing about reaching my health and fitness goals with using Beachbody yet.  
I will give you a few reasons WHY I love this regimen I am on:
  • Save money on gym memberships or gas money going back and forth
  • Working out in the comfort of my own home
  • Do not have to drag my kids everywhere
  • Save time traveling – Literally, I wake up in my workout clothes and I’m ready to rock!!
  • My SHAKEOLOGY is easy and convenient to have as an entire meal to keep fueling my body with nutrients that my body needs and doesn’t get from normal every day food I eat. Plus the benefits are amazing!!! I have been migraine and IBS FREE since I started 4/14!! This has been life changing for me. 
  • I am not paying for a personal trainer, I am checking in DAILY with 24/7 support to keep me on track for FREE!!! Plus meeting new people and helping you reach your goals fills my heart and soul with joy! 
  • Your kids can workout with you and see you live the healthy lifestyle at home! They are always watching and will grow up a happier and healthy life!
  • My groups gave me the opportunity to reach my fitness goals and give you a chance to win $500 with the Beachbody challenge just by turning in your before and after picture!
  • The challenge groups allowed me to find financial freedom by sharing my story with others who need help with their fitness goals  by becoming a coach!
  • Build amazing new friendships and relationships that I would not trade for the world!